Get Involved

WE ARE NOW RECRUITING FOR THE 2018 SEASON. There is no age limit. If you are interested please contact us and remember tell your friends!

We are always on the lookout for new recruits and are now recruiting for the 2018 Field Gun Season at Thorney Island, Emsworth where you will be introduced to your best friend – a Command, 1 tonne, 12-pounder field gun and limber.

Camaraderie, team work and discipline are what you get. Satisfaction that we turned you into better men is what we get. We train you, we get you fit, so if those lungs and little pot bellies are troubling you, come and join us.

The beach training programme runs from January through to March when interested volunteers will receive a basic work-out procedure to get into shape. March and April will see all volunteers meeting regularly to finalise training ready for the track season which runs from April to July. Field Gun is still regarded as one of the toughest team sports in the world where discipline and teamwork are paramount, so preparing yourself physically is essential.

The crews will once again be performing at shows across the country, with some big events on the cards.