Sponsorship has to be more than just a logo on a piece of Field Gun equipment. It has to say something about your company as an organisation that is aware of the importance of history and heritage, but is equally keen to promote the future. The benefits of your involvement will include some or all of the following:

  • Direct publicity for your company with logos on Field Gun equipment and Field Gun team wear.
  • A track-side banner showing your company logo.
  • Photographs for use in promotional material.
  • A venue for displaying your company’s products should you wish to promote a specific event.
  • The availability of Field Gun team badges with your logo for members of the public and Field Gun supporters to purchase.
  • A Portsmouth Action Field Gun website that will carry pictures, video clips and details of your involvement, with links to your own website.

Requirements for the Season:

Portsmouth Action Field Gun needs an operating budget of £15,000 per annum. Your company’s sponsorship would contribute to keeping this spectacular event in the public eye. Your association with Field Gun gives you the opportunity to promote an event that is part of the fabric of British history, and ensures that it lives on into the future.

Please contact us if you wish to become a sponsor. Alternatively you can make a donation online.